OpaleMio is the online store which offers the widest variety of high quality natural opals in Italy. The world’s most charming and startling gemstone is the protagonist of our collection which offers opals that are designed and cut exclusively by Italian artisans. Take a look at our extensive collection and discover the beauty of this unique gemstone. Our opals can be purchased through our online store in a safe and easy way.



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Crystal black opal

Crystal black opal with bright blue-violet flash.

€ 115,00
In Stock
Crystal black opal

Wonderful semiblack opal with very bright colors and fantastic pattern

Opal pendants

Sterling silver pendant with rough white opal

€ 180,00
In Stock
Opal rings

Puro new line of sterling silver rings by OpaleMio. Sterling silver ring with bright crystal Australian solid opal. Made in Italy. Inner diameter ø 17.2 mm Ring size table

€ 198,00
In Stock
Crystal opal

Crystal opal from Grawin with bright azure-green colors

€ 480,00
In Stock
White opal

Stunning australian white opal displaying a beautiful mix of vivid and delicate tones

€ 2.750,00
In Stock
Boulder opal pendants

Sterling silver pendant and amazing matrix opal

€ 190,00
In Stock
Opal bracelets

Sterling silver bracelet with boulder opal. Length 40 cm adjustable

€ 195,00
In Stock
Opal rings

Sterling silver ring with australian boulder opal - Size ø 17,0 mm Made in Italy Ring size table

€ 240,00
In Stock

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Crystal black opal with bright blue-green rolling flash

€ 130,00
In Stock

Bright white opal cabochon with large range of beautiful colours.

€ 170,00
In Stock

Opal pearls displaying all the shades of green and blue colors.

€ 260,00
In Stock

Gold Pendant 750 and beautiful boulder opal with intense green and blue colors. Handmade in Italy

€ 720,00
In Stock

Fantastic semiblack opal with very bright colors, a flood of light.

€ 375,00
In Stock

'Sea of Stars' is very bright black boulder opal with great variety beautiful colours

€ 2.900,00
In Stock