The best way to offer high quality opals to our clients is to buy direct from miners. In Australia some trade shows allows us to contact many miners and opal seller, choosing rough and shaped opals. That's why we visit periodically those trade shows and the miners direct in their mining camp.

Winton (Queensland) boulder opal main place, in front of Gregory Hotel, where the opal exhibition takes place.

Boulder opal parcel on sale

Evaluation of opals

Gorgeous boulder rubs parcel on sale

Alessandro e Giovanna at Opalton

Opalton mining camp

Opalton fossicking area

Opalton fossicking area. We looking for lost opals

Quilpie (Queensland) home of the boulder opal

Yowah Opal Festival

Yowah opal festival, magnificent split of boulder opal

Lightning Ridge Opal Festival (New South Walles), the most famous black opal tradeshow

Lightning Ridge Opal Festival. We speacking with Stephen Aracic author of the book 'Rediscover opal in Australia'

Opals hunting continue...