Opalemio® cuts and sells solid opals only. We do not sell doublets and triplets. 

Opal is said to be solid when the gem is cut and polished from a rough opal as it is found in nature.

Solid Opal: opal is said to be solid when the gem is cut and polished from a rough opal as it appears in nature. A solid opal is completely natural and can be one of the following types:

1. Homogeneuos multicoloured precious opal
2. A layer of multi-coloured opal naturally formed on a layer of colourless common opal (potch)
3. A layer of opal naturally formed on a host rock (Boulder)
4. Specks and tiny veins of precious opal mixed with the host rock (Boulder Matrix).

Solid opal is considered a precious gemstone (or semi precious - e.g. some kinds of opal boulders). Owning an opal means having something that the nature has created just once. Every opal gemstone is unique and matches the different personalities, qualities that we all  have as human beings.

Doublet: a thin layer of precious opal is glued on a support which can be at best colourless opal (dark potch), and more often black plastic or other types of worthless stones. Doublets have a much lower market value than the precious solid opal.  

Triplet: a thin layer of opal is interposed between a lens of transparent plastic or quartz and a layer of dark plastic. The commercial value of this creation is low and it is easy to tear as well.

When you want to buy an opal you should consider carefully this information in order to be aware of what you are buying. In our online store you can find  solid opals only.

It is really difficult to identify a doublet or triplet if they are already mounted on rings, earrings or pendants because it is impossible to examine  the stone mounted in the jewel thoroughly. Opalemio® advises those who want to buy a solid opal to contact a competent jeweler or to buy the gemstone in our store and then have it mounted by a goldsmith.

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