Honduras opals

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The Opal of Honduras is extracted in the region of Lempira, in the eastern part of the country. Being a very poor region in one of the poorest states of Central America, in recent times the local government has issued laws that protect the mining region and events for the inhabitants to extract and sell the opal according to the criteria of fair trade, in order to avoid exploitation of the territory and of the population itself.

Most of Honduran opal is opaque Matrix with a dark base, matrix rock studded with small specks of colored and relatively bright opal. Much less common, but of extraordinary beauty, is the seam opal, in which thin white opal layers alternate in a dark matrix crossed by strips of colored solid opal. These colors, which present in parallel strips, shows an exceptionally intense play of colors, typical of opal, often with a flashing through the range of the rainbow spectrum. The andesite opal, which is found in the highest points of the opaliferous region, recalls the opal extracted in the past in Slovakia.

Contained in a volcanic gray rock, there are sometimes large and sometimes smaller cavities filled with milky white opal, which always includes the beautiful noble opal. The most interesting opal among the Honduran opals, however, is currently even more rare crystal opal. It is a noble opal with transparent body color and intense opalescent patches. Crystal opals are usually found inside rounded nodules of matrix rock. Through the color of the body, which is as transparent as water, in some specimens it is traced by splashes of color that float three-dimensionally inside.

To date the opal deposits in Honduras do not yet carry out explorations in a systematic way. Near the places of discovery known, where currently it is already extracted, possibly further secret sites, which will be handed down orally among the members of the families who live there. After a careful examination of the area by the geologists of the mining district, it is clear that in the region of Lempira the Opal is more widespread than previously thought.

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