With Opalemio® you can choose different payment methods with maximum security, all of which are guaranteed according to the most modern security standards. The payment methods you can choose are the following:

PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer and Italian Poste Pay.


OpaleMio, always attentive to the problems of privacy and data security of its customers, makes use of the most known and established protocol for secure transactions on the WEB: the Secure Socket Layer (SSL), supported by the most popular browsers.Thanks to this technology, confidential information travels on the Internet only in encrypted form, that is, encoded according to a complex mathematical algorithm that guarantees its illegibility by anyone who wants to interfere during communication between you and OpaleMio.

To ensure that the connection and transfer of information between you and the OpaleMio site takes place in protected mode, you must verify that:

1. the page address is characterized by the prefix https, rather than http;

2. the status bar, located at the bottom or top of the page, displays a closed padlock.

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