Payment Methods

OpaleMio offers three secure payment methods which will enable you to securely purchase your unique opal using the method that best suits you. Our site is SSL certified and warrants that sensitive information provided by users on the web, such as passwords, personal data and credit card numbers, will remain confidential and will in no way be intercepted by third parties. You can choose one of the following payment methods:


Carta di Credito

Bonifico bancario

Poste Pay

Amazon Pay

Paypal Account 

A Paypal account works in a similar way to a normal bank account. If you choose to use this payment method and you already have a Paypal account you will be able to complete the purchase by entering your Paypal account login details. If you wish to use this payment method but you are not currently registered with Paypal you can register an account by visiting If the order is then cancelled by either the customer or Opalemio, the amount of the purchase price will be refunded into the customer’s Paypal account. The processing times of any refund depends on Paypal and the bank. In no instance Opalemio will be deemed responsible for possible damages, direct or indirect, caused by delays in the refund process. Opalemio will have the right to request additional information (e.g. customer’s telephone number) in order to confirm ownership of the customer’s Paypal account. Should such information not be provided, Opalemio will decline the purchase order. The customer’s credit card details – or details relating to any other payment method chosen within the Paypal wallet - will in no case be disclosed to Opalemio during the purchase proces. In no case will Opalemio be deemed responsible for the fraudulent and/or inappropriate use of a customer’s credit card by third parties during the purchase process. 

Credit Card

Opalemio accepts the following credit cards: VISA, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro  and American Express.

Bank Transfer

If you select this payment method you will be provided with the required details to allow you to make the payment. Please keep in mind that you may experience delays in the completion of the purchase order as we will wait for the payment to be processed and deposited in our bank account before arranging the delivery of the item you purchased. Such payment must be deposited in our bank account within 7 business day from the purchase date.The item will be shown as ‘unavailable’ on our website until you provide us with confirmation of the bank transfer which you will need to provide us via email or fax within 3 business days. Such confirmation may be in either paper format or online bank transfer confirmation. Please also note, in the bank transfer description you will need to include the following: purchase reference number, purchase date and customer’s name and surname.


Only for italian resident.

Amazon pay

Amazon Pay makes it simple for hundreds of millions of customers around the globe to check-in and checkout using information already stored in their Amazon account.  The customer experience is familiar and trusted.  In just a few taps they can complete a transaction without leaving your site.  You maintain branding and the ongoing customer relationship.  Integrate the payment solution that is built on years of Amazon e-commerce innovation and trusted by merchants and buyers alike.